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Why Winterize? And what can happen to your RV if you forget

Updated: Sep 9, 2020


Here in the North, Winter arrives quickly and without warning. Temperatures dip below freezing quite early in the year, and this can wreak havoc on those who own campers. Winterizing is the first step in ensuring your RV is ready to go for Spring!


What is Winterization?

When camping is done for the year, after un-packing, perhaps cleaning, and closing everything up; there is one more task to accomplish if you live in the North. Winterize! Winterizing your RV is the most important step in prepping for the Winter months ahead.

The Process of winterizing involves removing all of the water from the water lines, holding tanks, and specific appliances. Thereafter, RV anti-freeze is added to the water system to ensure no water can freeze inside your unit.

Why Winterize?

Don't be the one to forget about winterizing! In the long run it can cause many headaches and complications with your RV. In the unfortunate case that water is left to freeze inside of an RV, it can result in damage that is costly, and may also cause unseen leaks.

Toilet valves, water lines, hot water tanks, showers, and faucets are all examples of parts that commonly break due to either not winterizing, or improper winterization. Any water left inside these components will expand and cause whatever it is inside of, to break. Save yourself the inconvenience, get your unit Winterized and have peace of mind knowing your RV will be ready for you in the Spring.

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