About Neil's RV


           Our goal at Neil’s RV Service & Repair is to provide Grande Prairie with a local, and trustworthy option for the large population of RV owners in our area. And since the day our doors opened in 2019, we have received nothing short of amazing support from our community.


           In the past, RVers in the Grande Prairie area have only had the option of bringing their RV or trailer to a large dealership for repairs and work, but now we provide an alternative by being a smaller, locally-owned shop. Lower operating costs, personable staff at every step of the repair and years of experience in the RV repair industry are just a few of the benefits of Neil's RV. Each one of our staff members brings unique skills and assets that allow us to perform a multitude of repairs, and bring you the best customer experience. You will feel confident knowing your RV is in the hands of someone that cares, as we treat each unit as if it were our own. 

         Our owner, Neil has many years of experience in the RV repair industry, having previously worked for other large RV dealerships in the Grande Prarie Area. Throughout this time he completed his apprenticeship to become a Red-Seal Journeyman RV Technician. Neil also spent time in the construction and oil and gas industries prior to that, which helped lead to his passion for RV repair. Throughout his time at the dealerships, he saw that there was a need for a local RV repair shop and seized the opportunity to open his own shop. The words we hear the most from our customers to describe Neil are honest, and upfront. The last thing you want when bringing your RV into a repair shop is any surprises.