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RV Travel is the best vacation option, here's why.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Commonly over-looked for seemingly better options, recreational vehicle or RV travel has its many benefits. The world of RV travel can behold some of the most breathtaking views, and most cherished moments.

6. You are always home on the road

When traveling in an RV, you are always home! Having unlimited access to personal belongings, bathrooms, showers, gives you the feeling that you are always home, even when you are 1000 kilometres away. having a full kitchen, comfy beds, and your own privacy sure do make a positive difference.

5. The journey is part of the experience

Normally the most boring part of the trip is getting to your destination. Although when you travel in an RV, it becomes part of the trip! Being able to look out and see mountains, endless prairies, and have the ability to spend time with your friends and family not just once you have arrived at your destination, but the whole trip.

4. Much more affordable

There are many rental options popping up! This allows those who do not want to commit to owning an RV and all that comes with it, to rent and discover the enjoyment of RVing. Being able to bring food from home and entertainment allows you to save a lot of money.

3. See more of your country

Another great benefit of RV vacations, is that you have the opportunity to explore your backyard. Generally, people over look vacationing in their own backyard as opposed to out of the country. There are so many sights to behold and adventures to be had on our own soil and are a lot closer than you would think!

2. Freedom of Choice

See a picturesque back drop you would love to take a photo of? Stop! Restroom emergency? Stop! Being in an RV allows you the freedom of choice when compared to air travel. Having freedom of choice can help alleviate some stresses when travelling as well!

1. Bring your best friend

Saving perhaps the best reason for last, when travelling in an RV (If you are renting, check with the renter beforehand) you can bring your best friend(s)! Having your pets on board can create an experience like no other. Take them adventuring with you, they will love it just as much as you.

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Junior Duran
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Junior Duran
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