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Top 5 Beautiful Camping Spots in Alberta

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

There are many spots in our beautiful province that we can escape to at a moments notice. We have a multitude of options from going to the mountains, camping on the prairies, or in the deep woods, follow me as I take you through my top 5 beautiful camping spots in Alberta.

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Located roughly 190 kilometres South of Grande Prairie, is the stunning Willmore Wilderness Park. An added bonus is that the main entrance to the walking trail starts in Sulphur Gates Provincial Recreation area so you can get a glimpse of the where the Sulphur and Smoky Rivers meet. Willmore Wilderness is a large area that spans mountains and gaping valleys that are scattered with rivers and creeks prime for fishing, one could spend a lifetime walking this park and still have room to explore.

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To arrive at the breathtaking Honeymoon Lake campground, head South from the Town of Jasper for about 50 kilometres. Accepting mostly tenting and small campers, Honeymoon Lake might not fit your toy hauler, but is certainly worth the stay. The water here is crystal clear for canoeing; or if you are feeling adventurous, Osprey and Buck lake are both a short hike away giving you lots of variety in the area.

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Boasting gorgeous turquoise lakes, and staggering mountains we have Bow Valley Campground which is located in Kananaskis Country, just an hour West of Calgary. Situated at the entrance to the Rockies, Bow Valley provides numerous lakes, rivers, hiking trails and much more. If you are finding Bow Valley is fully booked, they also have sister campgrounds in the near area.

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Writing on Stone Provincial Park is near the Southern border of Alberta, which may be far for some people depending on where you live, but this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go for a float in the Milk River, go walk in the coulees and hoodoos, see the pictographs written on the stone. With so much to offer both visually and Historically, I had to include it on the list.

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Located just over 3.5 hours south of Grande Prairie, Jasper Gates Resort. This campground offers many campsites, cabins, and RV rentals! it is very close to the Town of Hinton, and only 40 minutes from Jasper. With lots to offer such as hiking trails that start in the campground, Folding Mountain Brewery and restaurant, and close access to Jasper National Park.

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