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How to save thousands, with this Bi-Annual service.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023


Recreational Vehicles allow us to experience the outdoors, make memories and spend time with the ones we love! To do this, we tow or drive them across large distances, through rain, snow, scalding heat! Over time these environmental factors can play a large role in the health and condition of your RV! One of the most overlooked but yet easiest preventative maintenance items is inspecting your exterior Sealant!

Located on all of the exterior walls and roof, the purpose of sealant is to block water or moisture from entering the RV. As previously mentioned, over time the environmental factors will begin to cause sealant breakdowns. Another way sealant is affected is while towing or driving your RV down the highway! RV's are made to be flexible while going down the road, this is because if everything was rigid parts would break due to jarring impacts from the road. The downside to this is that sealant can be pulled apart causing minor breakdowns. These can be seen as small gaps in the sealant that will allow water in as it runs across the unit, and if left unattended can cause serious water and structural damage.

RV sealant inspection
Sealant Breakdown Around Window

Water damage in your RV can be avoided by keeping up on your sealant maintenance! This is possible by re-sealing the RV yourself, or bringing it into a professional RV service facility such as Neil's RV Service & Repair! Our technicians are trained to re-seal in a clean and tidy manner as working with silicone and sealant can be very messy. In this case, we would perform a sealant inspection! We recommend this service twice a year, once when you pull your RV out for the Summer, and once before you store it for the Winter.

The process of a sealant inspection is 1 hour and starts with a visual inspection of the entire RV's sealant on both walls and roof. We look for small gaps and breakdowns that could allow water in, and if they are minor we will re seal it during the hour. If we notice any large areas or areas that need to have the sealant removed before re-sealing, we will note it and report back to you with any recommendations on further re-sealing! This small one hour service, if utilized properly can prevent thousands of dollars worth of water damage repairs.

Water Damaged Cap

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